The weight of a 200-liter oil drum will vary depending on the density of the contents and will have different weights. Basically a full oil drum’s weight is around 200~400kg. Therefore, pay more special attention to industrial safety when working on the barrel, If only transporting the barrel, there are many barrels and buckets on the market. However, because the domestic iron is softer, it is recommended to buy foreign brands. Taiwan’s TONSON provides professional bucket truck. In addition to reasonable price, the material and quality are also cost-effective in the market now. Especially the use of the barrel clamps in conjunction with the forklift, with large volume, our DTC Fork Truck double lifter will be a good choice; it can carry two barrels at a time.


In addition to carrying, unload the material out of the drum is also accounts for a large demand in the function of the barrel operation. When purchasing the lifter, the weight of the lifter should be light, otherwise, after loading 200 liters of barrel, it can’t be push at all. There are many electric and hydraulic lifters on the market today, but because electric motors and hydraulic equipment are very heavy in themselves, so it is very difficult to be lightweight. It is therefore recommended to use a manual or pneumatic lifter that is safe and lightweight. Pneumatic lifters on the market are not yet popular, but the use of pneumatic machines is a safer choice when industrial safety awareness is on the rise. Of course, you must find a professional supplier of air motor when purchasing. For example, Taiwan TONSON is professional and experienced supplier of air motor, with service points in several countries, we can provide customers with complete service. The most important thing is that Taiwan’s TONSON is the pioneer of pneumatic lifter machine, with specially designed and light fuselage. We can also customized pneumatic lifter machines according to different needs of customers.


It is worth mentioning that Taiwan TONSON pneumatic lifter has the function of carrying and unloading, as well as the function of the drum roller machine. Noted that there are a lot of 200-liter barrel roller drum machines on the market, but only has rolling drum function, even more terrible is that some have to make a fence to prevent the barrel from flying out. It is a fearful and dangerous thing if a 200-400kg bucket is flying out in a rolling or moving motion. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a drum machine in the market randomly, but to buy a quality assurance Taiwan TONSON pneumatic lifter machine. Not only the functions of carrying, unloading and rolling drums at the same time, situation of the flying bucket will not happen with wide-gear type hoop, so it is safe and secure. It can also be equipped with explosion-proof electronic scales; the height can be changed and customized according to different environmental requirements of customers.

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