NAI MY KHAC COMPANY LIMITED is the authorized distributor of Taiwan (TONSON) Air Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Vietnam. Throughout many years of research and development of pneumatic motors, we are specializing in wholesaling, retailing and distributing products. Our pneumatic motors have capacity of 0.1~32HP, with piston type or vane type, wide ranging including large air motors with high horsepower, torque and speed, attached with reliable and complete technical specifications. Our products are wide range of applications especially in industrials like chemical, pharmacy, semiconductor, mining exploitation, and others industrial that needs high safety.

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Professional service team, Made in Taiwan, Worldwide Distribution


TONSON is experienced in the field of pneumatic equipment of chemicals, foods papers plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc., by increasing production efficiency and safety.



Stable quality, Sufficient Inventory, Prompt delivery, Reliable performance


Unlike other traditional production lines, Tonson’s pneumatic motor does mechanical work by compressed air, replacing electricity and able to avoid fires that cause by using electric in hazardous environments with high flammable and high volatility chemical using. Pneumatic equipment has adjustable speed, non-electrical sparkling, instantly reversible, and many other advantages.

Outstanding designs and manufacturing capabilities, based on the high-precision value of planning and implementation, according to the actual needs of customer’s project, complementary detailed drawings to provide equipment recommendations, based on scientific inference and long-term development of practical experience. Our professional ability will always meets the expectations of customers and provides efficient support about machinery. We provide effective, professional maintenance and repair, so our customers do not have to look for other maintenance personnel. Our high-quality product does not degrade performance over time, that’s one of the advantages to avoid depreciate and must eliminating old equipment.


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