Industrial equipment:

Semiconductor, Computer, Ray, Disc, Chemical technique, Painting, Biology technique, Arsenal, Pneumatic crane, Hoist, Conveyor, Automatic door, and Automatic machinery for 24 hours continuous running without overheat.


Diamond, Gold, Coal, and other kind of metal mining, Stone cutter, Stone grinding, Excavator

Civil engineering:

Concrete mixer, Stacker

Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical factory:

Motor drive, Pipeline gas valve switch, cosmetic, Mixer, High speed mixer, Pneumatic crane, Oil tank cleaner

Ship (can be used under water):

Ship door opening and closing, Boat winch, Cargo lift, various winches

Iron making, aluminum casting industry:

Machine drive around the furnace, Stirring aluminum liquid, Slag removal

General machinery:

Rotating table, Rotary hydraulic cylinder, Steel pipe cutter, Screw thread cutter, Tapping machine, Winding machine, Rotary machine, Car washer, Electric welder, various trolley drives

Other industry:

Tape measure machine, Starter, Vehicle drive, various labor-saving automation machines, Insecticide, Paper machine, Telecommunications, Cable, Winding machine, Spinning, Dyeing and finishing industry, Airspace industry, Glass industry, Fire protection manufacturing, gas, Automobile locomotive manufacturing, Tire industry, Footwear, Aquaculture, Farming and animal husbandry, Synthetic industry, Food industry, etc.

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