Aerodynamic mixers

Aerodynamic mixers of various types, sizes, and capacities are available for selection, clamping type, portable hand held type, spreading wing type, cross tank type, desk type for laboratory used, in the form of a trolley, four-legged, etc. All these are products Tonson manufactured based on the actual needs of customers in the past few years. We have wide range of capacity of the air mixer, with piston type or vane type, including large air motors with high horsepower, torque and speed to fulfill the demand of customers. Tonson has experience in aerodynamic motor production, with many various types’ products matching different specifications, to meet the needs of customer. Particularly our mixers products are imported from Tonson Taiwan factory to ensure our product’s quality.

Angle bung entry type or clamping type air mixers are most commonly used for openings of liquid tanks. As for closed mixing tank, Tonson’s extensible blades is recommended, it is easy to place into the tank with small opening hole, it’s closed while entering drum, opens up with mixing rotation. Normally it is used for 50 gallon tanks and international standard square IBC plastic container; it can be installed at clamp type, cross tank type, portable type, trolley type, etc. In addition, the mixers’ air motors’ horse power, speed, force and size can be selected according to demand; models can be selected for stirring 20L, 60L to 200L or even up to 1000L tanks; optional double cylinder; customizing extra handle and wheel; replacing different propeller specific for high viscosity using, or Teflon propeller for acid and alkaline resistance using; customizing stainless steel mixer rack; optional choice for adding clamp, lid, pump, or continuous speed governor.

We have accumulated abundant experiences of aerodynamic mixers; our product’s quality, performance and convenience have long been recognized by lots of customers. If there is any question or further information needed, please call us 0909-988 099 (English), 0909-989 088 (Vietnamese).

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