Pressure Tank – T type with air motor auto-mixer

  • FEATURES : Time Saving On Material Replenishment Sturdy Swivel Casters and Safe Sealing (Eliminate Evaporation of Flammable or Hazardous Materials)Rugged, Portable Tanks of Aluminum, Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction for Use in Pressure Applications:Paints, Adhesives, Porcelains, Enamel, Ink….etc. Available In Air Mixer, Manual Mixer and Non-Mixer Models.All Models Equipped With Pressure Regulator And Safety Pressure Releasing Valve. Agitated Models Are Equipped With TONSON Piston Air Motor Featuring Low Air Consumption And High Torque To Prevent Material Precipitation.

    Pressure Tank. Upholding Standards of Reliability, Durability and Safely Engineered With Have Made It Like No Other.


Coating, Painting (Auto Body, Woodworking, Footwear)

Spraying (Rust Proof, Release Agents, Adhesives)

Fluid Processing (Mixing/Blending Of Chemicals, Inks, Paints)

Fluid Storage/Transfer/Dispensing

Model Vol. ( L ) Mass ( kg ) Dimension ( cm ) Outlet Mixing Method Max Pressure
T-10L 10 13 30*30*52 ¼” *1 T type with air motor auto-mixer 3.5 kg/cm2
T-30L 30 25.5 43*43*73 ¼” *2
T-40L 40 30 43*43*88 ¼” *2
T-60L 60 35 57*57*88 ¼” *2
T-80L 80 38.5 57*57*103 ¼” *2


Thùng áp suất Tonson 30L và 40LPressure Tank Tonson 30L và 40L

Thùng áp suất Tonson 60L và 80LPressure Tank Tonson 60L và 80L

Thùng áp suất Tonson 100L, 120L và 200LPressure Tank  Tonson 100L, 120L và 200L

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