TONSON Motors Co., Ltd. has been producing aerodynamic motors since 1996. Throughout 50 years of research and development of aerodynamic motors and explosion-proof products, specializing in wholesaling, retailing and distributing products. It is a pioneer in aerodynamic motor capacity of 0.1 ~ 32hp, piston type or plate type (propeller), full range of products, especially large air motor, horsepower, Torque, speed, exhaust gas … other technical specifications are reliable, complete specifications, widely used in industrial chemical industry, mining, oil exploration vessels , Pharmacy, semiconductor, or industrial production needs active safety. 100% explosion proof, professional reliable.

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Professional service team, Taiwan-made, sells all over the world.


TONSON has over 30 years of experience in the fields of chemicals, food, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc., and has become the world’s trusted anti- Especially famous in Taiwan. Our company is constantly researching the improvement of products as well as price, now has registered exclusive product lines in the world. In the USA, Taiwan, China, … have registered exclusive 100% series of explosion-proof motor, fan, mixer product line ….



Quality is stable, always have enough stocks in stock, timely delivery, reliable integrity.


Unlike other traditional product lines, Tonson’s aerodynamic motor uses steam to replace electricity, avoiding fires while using electricity in hazardous environments such as workshops, laboratories with airborne chemicals Slightly, flammable. Tonson motors such as motors, mixers, blowers are 100% explosion-proof, high power, low gas consumption, speed is adjustable, easy to maintain & many other fixed characteristics … It can be used in humid environment, (temperature -10 ~ 70oC), environment with volatile and high volatility.

Outstanding manufacturing capability, based on high precision values ​​for performance planning, based on actual needs of the project & detailed customer drawings, provides Appropriate, based on the practical experience of scientific reasoning & long-term development to support high efficiency customers, our professional competence will always meet the expectations of Customers about machinery and equipment. Simple maintenance and repair methods are easier than other brands of motors, diaphragm pumps and spray guns. The efficiency of maintenance repair is good, customers are not afflicted looking for medical staff repair. High quality products that are used for long periods of time do not compromise their performance, thus helping customers avoid depreciation due to defective equipment.


Variety of products, precision parameters, advanced technical advances, professional maintenance.




An extensive service network

Tonson has been continuously developing new products over the past 10 years, earning a lot of compliments and product monopoly in many countries, achieving ISO, CE certification and integrity.



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