Tonson Motor Company Limited was established in 1966, specializing in:
  • Design, manufacture, supply of pneumatic motors (piston, sheet type)
  • Industrial equipment (aerodynamic mixer, explosion-proof aerosol fan)
  • Stirrer, stirring tank pressure (medium-stirring paint supply)
  • Oil sucking (mechanical / aerodynamic)
  • Diaphragm pumps, gear pumps, reciprocating piston pumps, spiral pumps
  • Spray equipment (spray guns, automatic spray guns, HVLPs, shotguns, spray guns and silk, fine artillery)
  • Material handling equipment (balanced aerial crane, aerial crane, pneumatic winch, winch)
  • Tank carriage, tank hangers, explosion-proof openers, barrel reversers
  • And custom-made products (large blast tanks, large stainless steel stirrers, liquid processing equipment such as filtration, suction, pouring, transportation).


HOTLINE: 0909 989 088