CROSS TANK MOUNT AIR MIXER ( 50 Gallon Open Drum )

An excellent cost effective solution for mixing and blending of light to medium viscosity materials. Mount bracket will securely fit on almost any steel drum . It can be easily moved from one tank to another.

Mã lực Kích thước trục dạng tấm ngang Cánh quạt dạng tấm ngang
M3 1/4 HP 16mm*880mm 6″*1+8″*1
M4 1/3 HP
M5 1/2 HP 8″*2
M6 3/4 HP
V2 0.93 HP 16mm*880mm 6″*2
V4 1.71 HP 6″*1+8″*1
V6 4 HP 20mm*880mm 8″*2
V8 5HP 25mm*800mm 10″*2


Piston Air Motor

Vane Air Motor

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