How to choose the pneumatic material filling machine

Depending on the liquid inside the barrel that 200 liters barrel will have different weight, basically if the container is full, about 200-400kg. Therefore, when dealing with the barrel body it is important to pay special attention to safety. If it is simply transporting barrels, there are many types of barrels & trolleys on the market, but this may be due to the material. Iron and steel in the local sub-standard, so it is recommended to use imported foreign brand products, in which the most professional transport tank of Tonson, in addition to reasonable prices, quality materials are Particularly attention is the clamshell is to coordinate the car transporting barrels, double barrel clamping is the best option, at the same time can transport two tanks.

In addition to transportation, when the operation of filling the material, it also collided with the body of the barrel, when choosing to buy the material filling machine should pay attention: the material pouring machine must be light and flexible, does not say. Especially in the market today, there are many types of electricity or hydraulic pressure, but the models themselves are very heavy, want to light it is difficult, so we recommend the manual feeder machine Or aerodynamic, explosion-proof, safety is light. On the market today, raw material filling machines are not popular, but for labor safety, they gradually become more aware, using aerial fillers is the safest option, but when buying machines need. Pay attention to professional aerodynamic motor supplier, such as Tonson Taiwan. Since Tonson is the largest and most professional aerodynamic supplier for over 50 years, the country has the best service and customer care support. Especially Tonson Taiwan is the pioneer in pneumatic material filling machine, the machine body is specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable, and receive special designs in accordance with customer requirements.

Besides the function of stirring, pouring raw materials & transporting barrels, it also rotates the barrel. Note: In the market today, there are many products in the 200 liter barrel, but only the reversing function. The most dangerous is that some machines only use weak contours to prevent the tank from falling out when the island, a bin 200 ~ 400kg if the island was thrown away, so it is too dangerous. So do not be arbitrarily buy the machine in the market, only buy quality products such as Tonson Taiwan, not only have three functions of filling, mixing, Absolute width will not occur to the condition of the fly away, absolutely safe, but also can be equipped with explosion-proof electronic clock, the height dimensions can be changed to suit the different needs of Every customer, service thoughtful & flawless.

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