Aerodynamic mixers

Aerodynamic mixers of various types, sizes, and capacities are available for selection, clamping type, clamping type, horizontal type, spreading wing type, twist type, portable type, desk type In the laboratory, in the form of a trolley, four-legged, … all these are products Tonson invented based on the actual needs of customers in the past 10 years, capacity can be installed Whatever the demand of customers, whether heavy-duty piston engine high power or large sheet motor rotation speed is met, because Tonson has over 50 years experience in aerodynamic motor production, goods Hundred types with different specifications, will definitely meet the needs of use of cutomer. Especially all mixers are imported from Tonson Taiwan factory, absolutely not because local steel material is not up to standard but affect the quality.

Horizontal or clamshell type air compressors are most commonly used for openings or liquid tanks. Tonson’s proprietary blown-air air diffusers produce patented stirring blades, such as It is easy to place in a small hole on the mouth of the bin, usually for 50 gallon tanks and plastic barrels IBC square in accordance with international standards, can be inserted clamp, horizontal, portable, trolley, … In addition Motor, power, speed, force, size can be selected according to demand, the vehicle can choose the type of stirring for 20 liters barrel, 60 liters to 200 liters or even 1000 liters, Can choose type 2 cylinder, large steel groove, trolley, table type, can ̉ add handrails to push, replace the high viscosity stirrer, stainless steel or steel base, choose to add clip, cap, pump, Teflon stirrers or speed control equipment, Tonson Taiwan 50 years Nowadays, we have accumulated abundant experiences of aerodynamic mixers, product quality and usability have long been recognized by customers worldwide. If there is any question or need for our aerodynamic mixers, please call 0909-988 099 (English), 0909-989 088 (Vietnamese).

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